About Me

Hi, I’m Deborah Bush.

I am a graphic designer living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Georgia State University. I’ve been specializing in motion graphics and animation for the past few years, but part of why that interests me so much is that it involves all sorts of different things—branding, composition, design… Every frame has the potential to be a well-designed image. Animation can add an entirely new layer to an idea or brand.

In my free time I love to draw, and I’ve recently gotten into gouache! You can follow that journey on my art Instagram where I post paintings and sketches semi-regularly.

Cat Coworker

This wouldn’t be an accurate “About me” if I didn’t mention my cat, Athena. She is a middle-aged nebelung cat, loves naps and looking out windows, and appreciates a prompt breakfast. See below for gratuitous photos of my favorite (but least productive) employee!