India's Big Chance

Motion, Branding

An open animation for India's Big Chance, a CNN Special with Fareed Zakaria covering India's potentially favorable position to make great economic and technological advances in the near future.

India's Big Chance Infographics


Animated infographics for India's Big Chance, illustrating economic concepts and rankings.

Vital Signs Bump

Motion, 3D

A bump animation for CNNI's Vital Signs with Sanjay Gupta, also used in the Vital Signs open. Vital Signs explores health stories from around the world, giving a global perspective on how health issues are detected, treated and handled socially.

Vital Signs Infographics

Motion, Art Direction, Compositing

Animated infographics to supplement episodes of Vital Signs, both composited with green screen footage and fullscreen.
Narrated by Sanjay Gupta, shown on CNN

CNN Dinero: La Lista Currencies


Animated infographics for CNN Espanol illustrating changes in Latin American currencies.

LA in 24 Hours

3D Mapping, Video Editing

One day. One city. One chance to make the most of it.
Animated open for CNN International's Special: Los Angeles in 24 Hours

Crossville Inc. Tile

Motion, Branding

Product launch videos for Crossville Inc. Tile collections, including Buenos Aires, Oceanaire, Yin + Yang, and Ready to Wear
Production by Deborah Bush; Art Direction by Big Red Rooster, a JLL comany

Acuity-Lithonia Lighting

Motion, Video Editing

2015 Recap video for Acuity-Lithonia Lighting and The Home Depot
Production by Deborah Bush; Art Direction by Big Red Rooster, a JLL comany

On The Road: South Korea

Motion, 3D

Open for CNN On The Road: South Korea, accomplished using Cinema 4D and 3D mapping techniques with still images.


Motion, Typography

An animated typeface based on lines, geometry, and cascading animation.


Advertising, Motion, Branding

Logo design, promotional teaser, and title sequence for the NBC show, Hannibal, which explores the early relationship between the renowned psychiatrist and his patient, Will Graham, a young FBI criminal profiler, who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers.



An illustration for a collaborative book with a limited color palette and the theme of "Death".

White Collar

Advertising, Illustration

Poster promoting the show "White Collar", with illustration in the style of Saul Bass.

Ernest Welch

Logo Design

Logo marks for th Ernest G Welch School of Art and Design at Georgia State University

The Intelligence of Birds

Illustration, Typography

Promotional collateral for Joshua Klein's talk on the Intelligence of Crows, including crow infographics, and a diagram of his vending machine for crows.


Logo Design

Early logo concepts for Parlay, LLC, a marketing company focused on delivering employment solutions. Visit their website: parlayllc.com

Game Show Network

Web Design

Using the strategy that it's easier for an audience to remember and recognize one logo, one web url, or one design aesthetic than many different ones, this website shows the effectiveness of consolidating and cross-promoting GSN's brand.

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