Royal Wedding

Motion, 3D, Branding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials was one of the biggest news stories of 2018, and demanded a special look for coverage. This design including logo, full graphics package, and direction on the music track, featured on CNN, CNN International, HLN, and CNN Espanol. To set this package apart, I chose a modern, nontraditional look to showcase a modern, nontraditional couple. Shown is some of the initial process as well as how the package worked in context of CNN’s


Motion, Branding, 3D

Unicorns is a show on CNN International covering the phenomenon of Unicorns in finance: startup companies valued at over $1 billion. This animation takes an abstract approach with juxtaposition and contrast in textures illustrating the “Unicorns” concept.

Going Green

Motion, Branding, 3D

Going Green features global efforts to improve humanity’s environmental impact.

Race to Save the Reef

Motion, Branding

Cautionary feature on global coral reef bleaching and other concerns.

Iconic India

Motion, Branding, 3D

Iconic India is a travel show featuring classic Indian locations and activities.

Davos 2018

Motion, C4D

Open animation for coverage of the world financial convention in Davos, Switzerland in early 2018.


Motion, Branding, 3D

Destinations is a travel show that, form the beginning, could not feature maps, flags, or country colors, yet had to be dynamic enough to easily change for new featured locations. This problem was solved by creating a custom non-geographic topographical map with icons that can swap out depending on the program’s focuses.

Powering Your World

Motion, Plexus

Powering Your World is a show about the future of the energy sector, and it was requested from the beginning that traditional renewable energy imagery such as wind turbines or solar farms not be included. The solution was a dynamic, fast-paced animation with futuristic nods to technology and energy without resorting to photography.

Building Bridges

Motion, Branding, 3D

What does it take for developing countries to create infrastructure that meets fuel transportation & energy needs? This is the open animation for Building Bridges, a show on CNN International that covers different solutions to these problems.

On Morocco

Motion, Branding

Open, Bump, Transitions, and Font Bar animations for On Morocco, a 2016 segment for CNN International.

Morocco is enjoying a period of buoyant economic growth and prosperity, and nationwide efforts in rejuvenating infrastructure means there’s almost certainly more investment to come. Morocco also wants to be a leader, both in Northern Africa and globally, in sustainable tech and energy innovation. CNN's On Morocco captures the best examples of the country's fascinating transformation from traditional attractions to an ecologically robust future.

About Me

I am a motion designer based in Atlanta, GA. I have worked with CNN International, Big Red Rooster, NBC Universal, Atlanta Jewish Music Festival, the Game Show Network, the Museum of Design Atlanta, and the Stoneridge Group. I am inspired by Nick Campbell, Jessica Hische, William Morris, Jason Munn, Marian Bantjes, and Mike Winkelmann.

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